Leadership Attributes

The Best Leaders are…

Authentic – they are what they say and they do what they say; they are consistent and true to their word; they display integrity at every point

Believing – they believe in an idea or a vision for a better future, they believe in their ability to lead others to this future and they believe in the potential of others

Courageous – they are prepared to make a stand for what they believe is a better future, to persevere in the face of opposition, to confront opposition, to make hard decisions and to acknowledge mistakes

Inspiring – by their own passion and clarity of vision they motivate others to help achieve the vision

Adaptable – they make adjustments where necessary as new information comes to hand

Skilful – they have the skills needed to communicate well, to influence, to problem solve, to bring out the best in others, to build teams and to get the job done

Disciplined – they work hard, often giving up softer and more pleasurable activities in pursuit of their vision

Focused – they keep their eye on the end goal and won’t be distracted

Actioning – they believe in action, not just words; they are prepared to go for their goals whether or not they have all the skills or everything else in place

Committed – they put their all into the achievement of their vision and goals

Serving – they tend to the needs of others

Giving – they give time and energy to the cause; they give hope to others

Learning – they learn from experience how better to do things and from observation what’s really needed; they cultivate a learning orientation in others

Decisive – they gather relevant information to help make decisions and then they make them without dela 

Developing – they develop their own skills continuously, they develop others to achieve their own potential and they develop leaders around them

Balanced – they balance work and life well, they balance pros and cons in decision making and they balance people and task needs well

Examples – they demonstrate an excellent way for others in the way they conduct themselves in their own actions and overall approach to life

Discerning – they know what to take on and what not to take on; they read circumstances well, they read people well, they know what to say and when to say it and know when to hold their peace

Achieving – they get results

Grateful – they genuinely appreciate the contributions of others and take time to say it

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