Videos are a great way for us to improve our understanding of leadership.  Here is a short selection of some of our favourite videos.

Simon Sinek looks at why some people and organisations achieve and sustain success way above what others typically achieve.  In his research, he had found that the winners always think, act and communicate in a particular way that differs from the norm.  Here he presents the simple recipe for success which may well challenge the way you go about influencing and dealing with others.

Some 80% of people are not doing the work they love, says Scott Dinsmore. He runs “Live Your Legend”, a community whose motto is “change the world by doing work you love”.  In this video, Scott says we need to create a definition of success for ourselves which is founded on our strengths, values and experiences, and he encourages us to answer the question “What is the work we can’t not do?”  Highly recommended viewing!

Gary Hamel is one of the guru’s of management and leadership thinking in the world.  In this video, he makes a great case for re-inventing management around the emerging principles and values of the Internet.

Don Tapscott is always leading our thinking on the future of business and society.  In this TED talk he shows how we are at a turning point in history and we now the opportunity to re-build the institutions of the past around principles of collaboration, transparency, sharing and empowerment.

Daniel Pink is a brilliant speaker who presents in this video a whole new perspective on what motivates us. He highlights that there is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does and shows what leaders need to focus on if they are to have an engaged and truly productive workforce.  It’s a great video!

In this powerful speech, Steve Jobs uses his own experience to highlight that while things may not appear to work out well for us at times, we mustn’t lose faith but rather pursue what it is we truly love to do.  He also talks of how death actually serves a very useful purpose as life’s change agent and reminds us that we need to make every day count. 

It is always worth thinking about positioning ourselves for the future! In this video, Daniel Goldstein talks about the trade-offs we make between satisfying the needs and wants of our present self, versus the needs and wants of our future self. The odds are stacked in favour of our current self, so how do we properly attend to the needs of the future self?

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy highlights how our non-verbals govern the way people think and feel about us – and also how we think and feel about ourselves. She demonstrates how we can make a real difference to our outcomes by regularly adopting a simple practice.  It’s a great video! 

Nigel Marsh, author of “Fat, Forty and Fired” and “Fit, Fifty and Fired-up”, speaks on how we need to take charge of our destiny if we are to make work-life balance a reality.  There is a tendency for society to view success in terms of the amount of money made and we need to create a more thoughtful definition based around what a life well lived looks like.

If you believe you need to be successful to be happy, you must watch this video!  Shawn Achor makes a great case for success being the result of a positive mindset; 90% of our success, in fact, is predicted not by our external world but by the way we process our external world.  He is the co-author of the “The Happiness Advantage”. 

Barry Schwartz, author of “The Paradox of Choice”, highlights why having more choices can make people less happy and less effective.  There are implications here for what we offer our customers.

Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen looks at how the success indicators we use in business can cause us to go astray if we apply a similar approach in our personal life.