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Life Style Inventory

The LSI is enormously popular within Australia and overseas for understanding how our behaviours (as distinct from our preferences) impact our outcomes. You will find below two useful product sheets on LSI 1 (which is a self-assessment of your behavioural impacts) and LSI 2 (which is feedback from others regarding their perceptions of your behavioural impacts).

Organisational Culture Inventory / Organisational Effectiveness Inventory

The OCI and OEI have been used by major corporations in the public and private sectors to set targets for superior performance for the organisation and to track these over time. Empirical evidence demonstrates the high returns this can yield for organisations over the space of even a couple of years.

Leadership Impact

The Leadership Impact instrument examines how your particular leadership style influences others to behave; does it make them act constructively or more defensively? It is an excellent tool for leaders with other team leaders reporting to them as it provides an indication of your leadership multiplication effect.

Group Styles Inventory

The Group Styles Inventory is a great tool for teams to use in examining team member perceptions of their team’s effectiveness and in ascertaining how the predominant behaviours of the team are playing out. Are the behaviours working constructively for the team or causing sub-optimal outcomes to be realised?


Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values and cognitive reasoning ability. The assessments are backed by extensive research and can be used for nearly every industry. More than 50,000 Hogan personality assessments are conducted every month around the world.

Hogan assessments can be used to support:

Leadership development, coaching and team building
Recruitment and selection.

The three primary personality assessments of Hogan are:

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

How an individual typically approaches work and interacts with others
The strengths an individual can rely on to facilitate their performance
Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The tendencies that could derail an individual’s career or performance
How an individual is inclined to respond when stressed, under pressure or not self-monitoring
Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

What motivates and drives an individual
What an individual is striving to attain

Leadership training specialists

Leadership is about positioning for the future, so that what we do today is part of a clear strategy towards building a brighter tomorrow. This is why we have called our company “Strategic Leadership”; it’s focused on the type of leadership which has lasting impact.

We have a passion for helping others find success in their own lives, and aim to see people using the communication tools we give them to better themselves in every area they move forward

May your own leadership journey be one of continuously adding value to others!